Following Your Bliss: When it’s not as easy as it sounds

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

No offense to you Mr. Campbell but what if I don’t know what my bliss is? What if I don’t ever find my bliss? I have one thing I cling to but what I feel is not the bliss that destroys the walls and replaces them with doors. Instead, I can feel the walls slowly closing in on me; the door’s bolted from the outside and offers me no hope of escaping. On some days, I try to push back the walls but they come back angrier and what’s left now is less space than what I had before. It won’t be long until I’m completely suffocated and helpless. I take that back. I’m already helpless.

I envy the people who found their bliss easily: the travelers, the writers, the artists, world changers, ground-breakers, trend-setters. They must have known what their bliss was and made sacrifices to achieve them. But at what cost? What have they given up for their bliss? Did they ever got it back?

I want to find my bliss; to stand at the doorway and welcome everyone who wants to enter and share it with me. I want to find my bliss but I’m scared to death of letting things go because I might not get them back. I want to find my bliss but I’m afraid I’ll lose sight of the people around me. I might turn into something I hate.

I want to find my bliss but I’m afraid of what I need to do.

Joseph Campbell is one of the most influential people in my life. He thought me about the power of myth and the hero’s journey and the monomyth (my favorite); his works in comparative mythology and comparative religion have helped me let go of my attachment to my faith. He was the one who opened my eyes to many things, he’s the biggest influence in my agnosticism and my reason to pursue Anthropology (Mike Rugnetta’s here too!).
I haven’t met him but we learned about him in passing alongside Roland Barthes during uni. We didn’t really delve into studying about him so I don’t really recall what got me interested but a few weeks after I was buying all of his books and watching his documentary.

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