No Weigh May!!

Since I begun my “weight loss/fitness” journey, I’ve been weighing myself constantly–well every Monday. In the mornings. Right after I wake up and before I eat breakfast I make a dash for the scale in case I forget (groggy, confused brain).

Technically, May started last week and I just weighed myself this morning but I just found out about No Weigh May 5 minutes ago! I’m doing this challenge. I am so doing this challenge!

If anyone else wants to do it here’s what you need to do:

  1. Do not measure your weight using a scale
  2. Do not measure your body parts using a tape measure
  3. Do not use a body fat analyzer
  4. No counting of calories; in or out
  5. ONLY track workouts and food intake by writing it down or something.

I’m pretty confident doing this. I think I mostly know how much I need to eat  (less than 1,200 calories for my caloric deficit).

I’m also thinking of switching gyms. The gym I’m at maybe extremely cheap (only PHP 60.00 and 5 minutes away from my house, yo!) but it lacks a trainer and other stuff I think I need. I found one and sometime this week I’m planning to make a visit to inquire.

I’m really serious about my fitness now, guys! My goal used to be thin but now I really want to be strong and flexible (I do Yoga at home, woot!). Still not confident to post any progress pics but probably one day when I get the body and strength I want.

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