On Being Fit

I know I said in the post before this one (it’s literally the post below this post), that I’m going to start a fitness blog to meet the fitness blogging demands of this country (if there’s even any *shrugs*). Now, a couple of days ago I was ranting to my boyfriend about my stress levels and how I haven’t worked out in three weeks. He then tells me how ironic that was since I just announced starting a fitness blog.

Here’s what I told the beloved. I told him that I was taking a break because I’m starting to get burned out. I thought I had a pretty solid variety of exercises to keep me from being bored but for some reason I still get bored and it annoys me that I can’t stick to a schedule. Okay, maybe I can stick to it for a week and a half but after that everything just  becomes meh.

Another reason, which I forgot to tell my boyfriend, is that I blame my laziness on No Weigh May. By doing the challenge I was able to understand that one of the main factors in keeping my motivation is by monitoring my progress through numbers. We all know, that the number on the scale is a lie and not an indication of health (I should know I’m already 109 lbs but my stomach looks like 125), and the projected weight on MyFitnessPal after you’ve finished counting calories for the day are mere estimates, the same goes for the number of calories burned on exercise apps like NTC and exercise videos like most videos on Fitness Blender’s (they’ve already addressed this). I know this, but the motivation these numbers give me is indescribable and once I see that I’ve hit this certain number, I get an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment.

Most people would tell you not to base it on the numbers but on what you feel and I agree. But I’m not good at observing myself unless I see a drastic change physically and strength-wise so I need the numbers. It doesn’t have to be measured via scale but keeping track of my caloric intake, for example, helps me eat less and seeing the amount of calories burned helps me push harder (which is actually bad ’cause your body needs rest; learning that now).

TL;DR: I’m never doing No Weigh May again ’cause it makes me a lazy sack of shit and I feel miserable



So I mentioned about not being able to work out for three weeks because of the reasons stated above; and now I think I’m at that point in my life where I feel really miserable and stressed out when I don’t exercise.

For the past weeks, there’s this combined feeling of lethargy and impatience, like, I can’t keep still. My brain tells me Not to work out so I follow that but my body just can’t keep still. So don’t I just exercise? I don’t really know. It’s that impulse where you need to do something important but you keep trying to convince yourself to do something else. Is it procrastination? It could be.

Then I worked out yesterday to Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution. I missed some sets, felt like I’m on the verge on fainting, my arms still felt like they were gonna fall off (to be fair, I haven’t been consistent with my weight training), and I felt like I was going to vomit. Three weeks of not working out and I’m weak once again. I did some lying yoga stretches on the living room floor and then I feel asleep, undisturbed, on the floor, for an hour. When I woke up my mom noticed that I’m “back to my usual makulit self.” I noticed that too since all while I was showering I never stopped singing to 80’s metal music, or maybe I was just really feeling the 80’s metal vibe that day. Probably.

Before I started to work out late last year, my goal was to lose weight. I’ve achieved that; was 125 lbs, now 109 lbs. Now, I have a new goal and that is to become really strong so I can do exercise tricks like those people on Instagram (:P). Also, I want to have abs, I don’t want to have any jiggly bits except maybe for my boobs and butt (Jen Selter butt, here I come!), and I want to live a long and healthy life so I could at least see frequent space travels happening even if I won’t be able to go because of old age and other factors.

Oh no! I’ve become the fitness freak friend! Give me fitness gifts, friends! kthxbai


  1. I would be really interested in following a fitness blog! I’ve started working out on a regular basis and even started some light weight lifting. I haven’t lost much weight (5lbs) but I want to lose more. Like you, I’m really motivated by numbers. I track my calories on MyFitnessPal (most days) and I always feel accomplished when I reach my goal!

    We need rest, though too. If I’m feeling exhausted, but don’t want to skip my workout, I’ll just go easy. I’ll go for a short run, or a walk, that I way I still get some exercise in, but I’m not pushing myself too far.

    • Hi! Thanks for the comment!

      This is going to sound really weird but for some reason going easy when I’m exhausted didn’t really cross my mind. Like, yeah, of course! Go easy when you feel exhausted. Wow, thanks for saying that. I’m going to really stick by that because that’s probably the reason why I get easily burnt out :I

      And 5 lbs is a lot I have to say. I only have 5 lbs left until my goal weight but it’s taking forever and I feel like I’ve plateaued long enough. Maybe I should do another round of Intermittent Fasting, we’ll see.

      Ugh I’m rambling but goodluck to both of us in our journey to be fit and healthy 😀

  2. Ahh, this made me realize how lazy ass I am. I really miss working out but haven’t worked my ass off in the past few months because I’ve been letting excuses to get in the way again. If anything, I’d love to see that fitness blog of yours to keep myself motivated to push forward.

    I plan to shed 6kg to reach my goal, but I keep on giving myself lame excuses to stop being fit. Ahhhh this post just reminded me that I need to push myself forward T_T

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